Sport in St Austell

Speedway racing first took place a venue called Rocky Park, under the name "St Austell Gulls". The sport was a hit during various years, between 1949 and 1963 at the Cornish Stadium - Now Stadium Retail Park, home of Cornish Market World. The sport returned to the area in the late 1990s, in the Clay Country Moto Parc, located at Old Pound, Nanepan. The club operated as the St Austell Gulls for 4 years, until the club changed ownership, and moved up a league to the Speedway Premier League, re-formed as the Trelawny JAG Tigers, until Site owners Imerys Minerals Ltd ended the lease and speedway has not been held in Cornwall since. Many attempts have been made to re-introduce the sport, but none have got past planning permission. The two highest profile bids were for a) Par Moor Motor Museum - the owner confirmed that he would rent the land for speedway, however locals objected, and b) St Eval Raceway, where again the management came across local residents who didn't want the noise the sport brings. Speedway in St Austell is completely non-existent now, and will remain so until planners, club owners and residents can agree on a location.